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March 11, 2011

Sovereign wealth funds, foreign state managed social security plans, foreign currency reserve funds, foreign government employee pension funds, state-controlled operating companies and other foreign investing vehicles today collectively control trillions of dollars in assets and are projected to maintain significant growth over the next decade. These disparate foreign government entities-characterized in this report as Global Public Investors (“GPIs”)-are becoming increasingly influential players in the world economy. In the volatile contemporary global financial environment, the investment strategies of these foreign entities will impact capital flows and affect markets around the world.

Authored by Darrell M. WestRaffiq NathooDaniel ZwirnVijaya RamachandranGordon M. GoldsteinJoel H. Moser, and Richard Kimball

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January 9, 2017

The NFL’s over-reliance on opioid pain killers and its prohibition against medical marijuana mirrors mainstream medical opinion. American society is moving past the medical establishment and the NFL. It’s time for more enlightened thinking.

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October 2015

After 26 years as a banker at Morgan Stanley and then Goldman Sachs, I made a decision to enter Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute; a decision that turned out to be life altering.

I learned several important life lessons, all of which I wish I had learned earlier in my life:

  1. Reconnecting with my interest in Buddhism gave me tools to think about life.

  2. Taking time away from the busy-ness of life creates a spaciousness which is invaluable to the creative and ideation process.

  3. By reframing my life and career around meaning, I have found a joy that was previously missing for me.

I encourage everyone to take some time for reflection, personal growth and new learning. It will allow more meaning in your life and revitalize yourself for your current life demands personally and professionally.

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What are the Top 3 insights you’d like to share? 

  1. The dysfunctional healthcare industry in the U.S. creates long term risks to our society as costs remain out of control and the health of the population deteriorates. The entrenched interests of the hospitals and insurance companies have resisted change. The change will need to come from doctors and patients wanting to align interests to drive better outcomes, lower costs and better accessibility of care.

  2. Sugar is the silent killer in this country. The packaged foods industry responded to the anti-fat crusade by replacing fat with sugar in foods. Food packaging doesn’t show the U.S. recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sugar on food packaging. My son recently showed me his can of root beer that has 72 grams of sugar in one can despite the U.S. RDA of approximately 20 grams of sugar per day.

  3. We seem to have lost our moral compass in so many industries in the U.S. Having spent 26 years in investment banking, I witnessed many examples of misaligned interests that is causing perverse behavior and disrupting the creation of efficient markets.

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November 1, 2018

Eli Boufis, Contributing Writer for Forbes, wrote this article. 

Mr. Kimball cautions that investors must do thorough research into the complexities of the law and the industry, and extra due diligence into the operations of potential investment targets. “If you have the resources to do the research and can stomach the risk, these are the fanciest returns we’ve seen in a long time,” he says.

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